Our goal is to create swimwear that feels beautiful. Sometimes, that means toning it down! Every now and then, we need that basic bikini in our (like some of us) pretty extensive collection of bikinis that take up at-least one whole drawer. Some we keep for YEARS! Having those quality bikinis that are made to last is so important to us. The basic black bikini is a staple to keep in that drawer, so we made the Silhouette collection for that purpose. We know there are a ton of basic black swimwear options, but we hope you take time to consider the thought and attention to details behind ours. 

      We've done one black bikini over the years since we've been in business, and made it more modern using a honey comb textured fabric and unique geometric designs (V shaped lower rise bottoms, and a an adjustable thin strapped V-neck top). While trying to re-invent the LBB (Little Black Bikini) is fun, it's not always the answer. That's where we got the inspiration for our latest collection. No color ways other than black, and make the styles like the ones we reach for time and again over the years. You just can't resist the go to style of a classic triangle top with small gold ring details paired with a matching tie string bottom. We wanted these bikinis as a reminder of the classic luxury of your favorite LBB. These will remain a staple for us at Mer Soeur Swimwear.

      The fabric we chose is one of kind. Amino Soul Eco fabric is extremely light weight, durable, and buttery soft. It is the lightest of all of our fabrics. If you're looking for a second skin quality bikini, you'll find it in this fabric. It is the perfect compliment to the styles we offer. Our Delphine high waisted bottom has the most fabric, and I can attest to feeling ZERO restrain.

      It is extremely comfortable, and makes for the perfect seamless waistband material. When wet, the fabric maintains it's elasticity, and dries quickly. We are so happy with the looks we have created using this fabric, and we hope you are too. Let us know what your favorite styles are, and what you love most about them!

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