If you're not a BOE (Bikinis Over Everything) BABE yet, you should be.

We're really not sure how no one had thought of this earlier, but we sure are glad the babes behind Bikinis Over Everything did. Game changer.
It didn't take much for this to become our new obsession. We were already sold on the name in itself. Biknis Over Everything. I mean come on, how could we not get behind that? If we're all being honest, that's every bikini babe's life mantra. And how cute is their font and branding!? We LOVE the glass bottle as it can be reused (less waste in the ocean!) and the corking is such a cute detail. Message in a bottle anyone?

"Bikinis Over Everything is an all natural, eco-friendly, and amazing smelling liquid soap." And wow does it smell AMAZING. We can't stop smelling our bikinis. I've thought about hanging one of them on my rear view mirror in my car because it smells that good. (that wouldn't be weird, right?) 
But in all seriousness, we are ecstatic that we finally have an amazing, all natural, chemical free soap to extend and enrich the life of all of our bikinis that we love so much! The days of dry wrinkled up bikinis are over! Our bikinis have never felt more moisturized and smooth after using this wash, it practically keeps them as fresh as new. So big shoutout and thanks to the babes at BOE for giving us more time to spend with our favorite kinis! 

We highly recommend using BOE on all your MER SOEUR swim pieces. We definitely won't ever be using anything else! 
Ready to bring life back into your bikinis? Shop the BOE wash here. Don't worry it's super affordable and will last quite some time as you only need a few drops for each wash!

Read below for instructions on how to wash your kini with BOE. 

1) Fill a bowl or any type of container with cool water
2) Place bikini in water and add just a few drops of BOE
3) Gently knead for one minute
4) Allow bikini to sit for 10-15 minutes
5) Rinse with cool water & hang to dry
6) Now be totally obsessed with how your bikini smells and feels!

Bikinis Over Everything Bikini Wash Mer Soeur Swim Cheeky Bottom


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