Gisele String Bottom

$64.00 USD


Introducing the Gisele String Bottom- Featuring effortless ruching on the front and back, adjustable side ties, and eye-catching ring detailing, this bottom is a must-have for any swim collection. With minimal coverage and a supermodel-inspired silhouette, embrace your inner Gisele and pair it with our Gisele top.

Thin adjustable side ties

Small gold ring detailing on front and back

Gathered front and back details

Minimal coverage

87% Polyamide 13% Elastane

UV protection 50+

Our Silhouette collection uses Amni Soul Eco fabric. This fabric is not just a material; it’s a statement of luxury and environmental consciousness. Specially selected for the Silhouette line, Amni Soul Eco offers a “barely there” feel, perfect for the collection’s minimalist ethos. Its biodegradable polyamide yarn ensures that each piece is as fleeting on our planet as it is on your skin, dissolving gracefully back into the earth. Amni Soul Eco boasts superior durability, vivid color retention, and a delightfully soft feel. Embrace the fusion of sustainability and sophistication with the Silhouette collection, where each swimwear piece is a tribute to the contours of the form and the care of the world around us.